Tips On How To Protect Your Ears And Hearing Health

If your hearing gets damaged, there is no remedy for it. This is the reason it is necessary to be aware of the prevalence of hearing loss, the importance of early diagnosis, and the necessity to find the best hearing solution. Make sure to start taking care of your ears now so that you do not develop hearing problems in the future.

Use ear plugs where there is lots of noise

Almost 15% people in the US suffer from noise-induced hearing loss because of loud noise at their work or leisure environment. Any kind of noise that forces you to shout to make yourself heard by the other person is dangerous. This includes the noise in clubs, concerts and that made by chainsaws and lawn mowers. It is quite easy to buy earplugs and you should use them in such noisy environments. In fact, you can get a pair of earplugs custom fitted for your ears by a local ear doctor.

Listen to music at low volume

As per the WHO, 1.1 million teenagers and adults all over the world are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss due to incorrect use of hearing devices like headphones of ear buds. If you are using these devices, then make sure to listen to no more than 60% of the volume and less than 60 minutes in a day.

Ear buds are especially more harmful because they fit directly to the ear drum. It is advisable to opt for over the ear headphones. At social events, if you are the host remember to keep the volume of music at a level which allows people to talk normally to each other. This is because not only the noise produced by ear buds and headphones but any kind of loud music can cause harm to the ears.If you have pets and do pet love you should keep the reguler eye on pet health as well.

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